The main findings and recommendations

Increase publishing frequency of videos

Comedy Central NL is falling behind compared to it's competitors.

Start comment interactions

Our findings state that interactions within the comment section can influence the engagement rate.

Video's format

After coding the video content based on Daan's behavior, we conclude that Daan's is looking for new content. So we suggest to build the formats keeping in mind the variables we used for coding the video content.

Implement a new structure for YouTube CC channel

Highlighting the fake Comedy Central accounts and sending a inquiry to YouTube to delete them will help clearing out the CC global network.

Create a strong connection between sister channels

To raise brand awarness of Viacom globally, we recommend subscribing to the regional channels of CC via CC US channel (Main Channel):

  • CC Netherlands
  • CC Germany
  • CC Africa
  • CC Polka
  • CC Brasil (etc.)

Subscribe via CC NL to sister channels of Viacom

Again, to raise awareness and possibly gain more subscribtions we recommend for CC NL to follow below channels of Viacom:

  • MTV
  • Paramount Network
  • South Park Studios
  • Key & Peele
  • Your Face or Mine
  • Comedy Central UK (Dutch users are bilingual and UK is not connected to CC NL so far)